Robert Archer

Bob Archer, a distinguished Veteran and Virginia Tech graduate, is the influential CEO of Blue Ridge Beverage Company and Chairman of the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA). His educational foundation and military discipline have been instrumental in shaping his leadership approach, leading to transformative contributions in the beer industry since his initial involvement in 1973.

Under his strategic leadership, Blue Ridge Beverage has evolved from a small enterprise to a pivotal distributor in Southwest Virginia, employing 385 individuals and delivering over 7.5 million cases of beer annually to a wide customer base. This expansion has significantly stimulated economic development in the region, solidifying Bob’s reputation as a key economic architect.

Bob’s legacy not only spans professional excellence and regional economic enhancement but also extends to his dedicated familial roles as a loving father and grandfather. His multifaceted life story is a testament to commitment, innovation, and the enduring value of family.

Robert Archer was inducted into the Southwest Virginia Business Hall of Fame in 2023.

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